AMS Automated Merchandising Systems 39-VCB Sensit (Visi Combo 36) Cold Drink, Snack, Fresh Vending Combo Vending Machine for sale - LOCATION READY!!


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This is an AMS Automated Merchandising Systems 39-VCB Sensit (Visi Combo 36) Cold Drink, Snack, Fresh Vending Combo Vending Machine for sale.



Selections:             36

                                1 Snack tray @ 5 selections, All 10 count spirals/coils
                                1 Snack tray @ 5 selections, All 12 count spirals/coils          
                                1 Candy tray @ 10 selections, All 18 count spirals/coils

                                 2 Beverage trays @ 8 selections, All 6 count spiral/coils, able to vend juices, sodas & waters in most smaller type bottles through the taller 20oz pet bottles by Coke, Pepsi and etc. as well                                  as 12 oz cans.
                                 Total Capacity: as configured approx 386 items, 290 snack/candy  & 96 cold drinks-beverages

Bill Acceptor:       Mei VN2712 ($1 & $5) mdb

Coin Changer:      Mei VN7512 (5 tube) mdb
Condition:              Brand NEW, In Stock




This is a BRAND NEW 2016 AMS Visi Combo, in-stock now. It vends; potato chips, pastry, pretzels, candy, cold water, soda, juice, energy drinks & etc. It features the AMS custom Gray Face option, a lighted key pad and is ADA compliant. AMS machines are built in the AMS plant located in Kearnsville, WV. They are built with state-of-the-art technology, purposely designed to be rugged, reliable and reasonably priced.




AMS Warranty


: Warranty applies to the original purchaser only (most likely a distributor). Most distributors offer the factory warranty, BUT ARE NOT UNDER ANY OBLIGATION TO DO SO. The factory Warranty covers the following; 3-year warranty for control board and refrigeration ,1-year warranty all other parts starting on the machines product date. Labor is not included. Warranty exceptions: coin & bill acceptors, fluorescent bulbs, glass, and paint finish.


 Automated Services LLC Warranty: We will back the factory warranty as outlined above and in addition will warranty the bill & coin acceptors for 90 days from date of purchase on a exchange basis. All replacement parts to be supplied/obtained from seller, Automated Services LLC, 145 Pepe's Farm Rd Milford, CT 06460. Labor shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer.) The buyer will also be responsible to return defective parts to seller Automated Services LLC.




* Sensit patented guaranteed delivery system

* State of the art electronics 

* 3-year warranty for electronics and refrigeration

* 1-year warranty all other parts

* Warranty exceptions: fluorescent bulbs, glass, and  paint finish

* Motor coupling and home positioning

* ValueVend product grouping for lunchtime specials

* Polyurethane foam

* Most parts are interchangeable with most other AMS  vendors


    * Height: 72"
    * Width: 39"
    * Depth: 35"
    * Shelves: 5
    * Weight: 692 lbs. approx.
    * Capacity:  As configured 386 items (386 Snack/Candy & 96 Beverage  Drinks)       
    * Operation - Electric, CSA and UL Listed
    * Electrical - 120 VAC, 60Hz.,  10.8 amps

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