Royal 552 RVMCE 8 SELECTION Can SODA COLD DRINK Vending Machine for sale

Royal 552 RVMCE 8 SELECTION Can SODA COLD DRINK Vending Machine for sale - LOCATION READY!


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Here is a Royal 552 RVMCE 8 SELECTION Can SODA COLD DRINK Vending Machine for sale - LOCATION READY!



Manufacturer:            Royal
Model:                       552RVMCE
Selections:                 8

                                      Columns 1-4 ea. have a capacity of 90 12 oz. cans

                                      Columns 5-8 ea. have a capacity of 48 cans

                                      Total: 552 12 oz. cans

Bill Acceptor:             Mars RTC6010/6010XV or Coinco 9302L/9302LF
Coin Changer:            TRC6010/6010XV or Coinco 9302L/9302LF
Condition:                   Very Good, Tested and Ready to Operate

We have 17 Royal 552RVMCE (Royal Vendors-Magnum Curve-Electronic) Pepsi Cola machines. These are authentic Pepsi machines, built to Pepsi specifications by Royal Vendors, for  Pepsi  Bottlers, and were  previously owned by a Pepsi Bottler that sold its bottling rights back to Pepsi Co. The machines range from very good to excellent in condition.



Aside from being the most reliable and operator-friendly, Royal's electronic control board makes its models superior to the others manufactured by Dixie Narco and Vendo within the same time frame, and now priced similarly as used.   The Royal control board provides a key function, a "positive vend system", also known as a "guaranteed delivery system". A delivery chute sensor detects a product as it is delivered (meaning the vend cycle was completed and the customer received their beverage).


In the event a beverage is not delivered, the machine will automatically make another attempt to deliver the beverage and, if it is unable to, will instruct the customer to make another selection by way of its digital display. Dixie and Vendo models will simply keep a customer's money and provide no beverage, generating service calls and customer refunds. Also, the manner in which the Royal design dispenses product is less likely to jam. (Product jams are normally due to damaged product containers and loading errors)  Jams happen now and then but less often in the Royal.


This machine was designed to vend 12 oz cans, however, it is capable of vending 16 oz. plastic water bottles by Poland Springs, Deer Park, Ice Mountain, Arrowhead, Ozark, and Zephyr Hills, as these brands by Nestle Waters offer a specially designed 16 oz. plastic bottle for vending machines. You can learn more about these vending bottles @


You can expect the front illuminated display (face) to be free of cracks and deep scratches; surface scratches are unavoidable in these plastic/Lexan displays, however, when these displays are illuminated most all light scratches and minor imperfections disappear. The areas near and including the selections buttons, the coin-insert and bill acceptor will be scratch and graffiti-free.
Warranty:  A 30 day part warranty is included (All replacement parts to be supplied/obtained from seller, Automated Services LLC, 145 Pepes Farm Rd Milford, CT 06460. Labor is the responsibility of the buyer.)



  * Multi-pricing-each selection from $0.00 to $99.99.
    * Digital display of price, credit, and sold out.
    * 2 second product delivery guaranteed
    * 24 Volt control system.
    * Full escrow of deposit until vend-with "dumb" coin changer.



    * Height: 72"
    * Width: 37"
    * Depth: 33"
    * Shelves: 8 columns.
    * Capacity: Columns 1-4 ea. have capacity of 90 12oz. cans, and Columns 5-8 ea. have a capacity of 48 cans. 
       Total of 552 12 oz. cans
    * Weight: 690 lbs.
    * Operation - electric, NAMA, UL and UL-C Listed
    * Electrical - 120 volts; 60Hz; 12 amperes.