Crane National Vendors 677, Seattle's Best Hot Drink Center Hot Beverage Vending Machine for sale

Crane National Vendors 677, Seattle's Best Hot Drink Center Hot Beverage Vending Machine for sale - LOCATION READY!


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This is a  Crane National Vendors 673, Hot Drink Center 2 Hot Beverage Vending Machine for sale - LOCATION READY!




Selections:           Freshly Ground Coffee
- Cafe au Lait: Freshly ground coffee and milk combined  in a way that's delicious
 - Mocha Cafe au Lait: Fresh ground coffee and a hint of cocoa goodness

 - Vanilla Cafe au Lait: Fresh ground coffee, milk and a hint of sweet caramel goodness

 - Seattle's Best Coffee Hot Cocoa: Made from the highest quality gourmet cocoa

Bill Acceptor:        MEI 2512 $1 and $5
Coin Changer:       Mars/MEI 7512
Condition:             We have five (5) 677 Seattle's Best machines

                                 3 Used Excellent & 100% operational

                                 1 Demo - Very close to new in all ways

                                 1 New - Never Used

Price:                     Used Machines-$3, 595 each

                                Demo Machine - $5,695

                                 New Machine - $7,915




Serial number 013294 was purchased brand new in Sept 2011 and has never been used. Serial number 013203 was purchased Feb 2012 as a factory demo used by the manufacturer in several trade shows, and by Automated Services for less than 9 months. It's almost indistinguishable from new. Of the 3 used machines,  2 were purchased brand new by Automated in Sept 2011 and the 3rd,  a 2004 updated to Seattle's Best in Sept 2011. All machines are identically equipped and in complete working order. Seattle’s Best is owned by Starbucks, it’s Starbucks branded solution for the food service trades. It’s a turnkey program; Seattle’s Best Coffee range of ingredients, lab/field tested & approved brewing process, electronically programmed preset recipes for drink consistency, factory installed Seattle’s Best Coffee graphics & menus, and quality Seattle’s Best Coffee branded over the counter style large & small cup sizes. (12oz & 16oz).  Seattle’s Best Coffee machines take vended coffee to its highest level.   



Warranty:  A 30 day part warranty is included (All replacement parts to be supplied/obtained from seller, Automated Services LLC, 145 Pepe's Farm Rd,

Milford, CT 06460. (Labor is the responsibility of the buyer.)




Cups (approximate)
Dry Product
       Coffee canister - 14 lbs beans
       Decaf canister – 9.5 lbs beans
       Flavored gourmet coffees – 6 lbs
       Chocolate – 10 lbs
       Freeze dry coffee – 2 lbs
       Sugar – 11 lbs
       Lightener – 4.5 lbs    



* Freshly brews a premium brand of coffee and specialty beverages from a conveniently located vending machine. 
* Help grow sales with increased demand and higher price points.
* Includes a wide range of premium offerings.
* Seattle’s Best Coffee lab/field tested & approved brewing process.
* Electronically programmed, preset recipes for drink consistency.    

*  Height: 72"
Width: 38.13"
Depth: 33.75"
Electrical: 115 VAC, 60Hz, 16A (20 circuit required)
Shipping Weight: 570 lbs  
Listings: ULus, CE, FCC, NAMA