ROWE 487 ICE CREAM / FROZEN FOOD Vending Machine for sale

ROWE 487 ICE CREAM / FROZEN FOOD Vending Machine for sale - LOCATION READY!


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This is a ROWE 487 ICE CREAM / FROZEN FOOD Vending Machine for sale.



Type:                        Ice Cream

Selections:             3
                          2 belts for ice cream bars/sandwiches/pops - Capacity 70 each
                          1 belt for ice cream cones - Capacity 35
                          Total Capacity = 175 items
Bill Acceptor:     Mars/Mei VN2501
Coin Changer:   5920AH
Condition:         Very Good to Excellent. In 100% working order



Simply put, this design originally produced by US Automatics, then Crane / National, and Rowe is regarded by most in the vending industry as the most dependable built to date. Manufacturing frozen food vending machines is more challenging than most realize. Although today’s frozen food machines are designed to vend a wide range of product packaging and offer greater selection, these designs have not been perfected.  And as new and used are not necessarily dependable.


This 3 select ice cream machine vends ice cream sticks, ice cream sandwiches, and twin pops. Its capacity is more than adequate and it is a minimal investment when compared to other options.


We replaced each of the 3 selection door gaskets with new and have refaced this machine with high-grade commercial vinyl.  During this process, all vertical and horizontal trims are removed and replaced, as needed.  In addition, each face panel is removed and has new vinyl applied to it. The end result is a new look that will stand the test of time with no exposed edges or seams for customers to pick at or peel. Mechanically, you can expect this machine to be in 100% working order.  



Rowe International, Inc. is based in Grand Rapids, MI.  Rowe, well known for their advanced designs in coin operated vending machines, is now a world leader in the design and manufacturing of Rowe jukeboxes and Rowe bill changer machines.  


Warranty:  A 30 day part warranty is included (All replacement parts to be supplied/obtained from seller, Automated Services LLC, 145 Pepes Farm Rd Milford, CT 06460. Labor is the responsibility of the buyer.)




    * Easy to use!
    * Three selections with individual pricing capability



    * Height: 72"
    * Width: 35.5"
    * Depth: 30.75"
    * Shelves: ----
    * Capacity: 175 items
    * Weight: 647 lbs.
    * Options: Coin mech
    * Operation - electric, CSA and UL Listed
    * Electrical - 120 volts 60 Hz. 8 amperes